Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Art from New Guinea

I have always intuitively known that other cultures also dealt with abstraction in their art and art making. I was pleased to find such a blatant example of it in this exhibit in San Francisco at the De Young Museum across from the Legion DE Honor...two beautiful art museums that I always enjoy visiting.

I liked finding that anthropomorphizing sticks and stones seems to be central to living amongst them but to do it in an abstract manner seems to give room for an inner life and a place for, or ground for the idea of sympathy with all things.

This has always been a theme that is central in my artwork. There is the narrative and I feel that that is important but I want my artwork to lift the narrative as a thin veil and simultaneously link one to their geography and their sympathetic ground. This is never a sure shot when it comes to making artwork.

Working with the body (Gestures) and with the materials of art, this can be a tentative affair.

Chapel Hill/Carrboro 1-2012

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  1. Those are very powerful images, Steven. They seem to convey a sense of motion and almost a mysterious cat like gait as if perhaps we do have such things as a sort of spirit guide, humans and the feline both walking, nay, flying upright.

    Sometimes at the beginning of breakthroughs or the rediscovery of profound and fundamental art
    the rawness and freshness sets the future and are more precious than the very refined end of a theme- the majority of us caught searching in the dark with the artist seeking his unique visions.

    The PeSla